There Are Over 400,000 More Women In Ghana Than Men – Ghana Statistical Service

The Ghana Statistical Service on Wednesday afternoon announced the official Ghana population from the 2021 census.

The Government Statistician, Prof Samuel Kobina Anim at a press conference held Wednesday afternoon disclosed that there are a whopping 400,000 more women in Ghana than men.

That is women constituting 50.7% of the Ghana population while men make 49.3%/.

Meanwhile, in the 2010 population census, Ghana was made up of 12,024,845 males (48.8%) and 12,633,978 females (51.2%), giving an overall sex ratio of 95.2 (i.e. about 95 males to every 100 females).

In numerical terms there were 609,133 more females in Ghana than men from the 2010 census.

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