Funny Face Request DNA Test Be Done To Prove He Is The Father Of Yaa Boatemaa

Funny Face who is currently fighting over the custody of her daughter named Yaa Boatemaa who is now in Germany with the mother has taken to his Twitter page to request for a DNA test to be conducted as soon as possible.

This request follows after Funny Face shared a picture of the adorable daughter on his social pages yesterday where some naysayers stormed the comments section of his post to tell him point blank that the baby girl doesn’t resemble him and that she is not his.

According to these critics, there’s no way Yaa Boatemaa is Funny Face’s blood and if he doubts their sentiments, he should conduct a DNA test on her.

It appears Funny Face has taken the advice if his Twitter post is anything to go by. According to Funny Face, he will be visiting Germany soon to keenly observe the proceedings of the DNA test.

He wrote;

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