ZionFelix And Erica’s Six Month Old Miracle Baby Pens Emotional Letter To Parents To Remain Together For His Happiness

Never has such a feat been heard of since the times of Togbe Tsali that a baby of 6 months could perform such wonderful feat

And yet this is our new reality as zionfelix’s 6 month old boy, Felix Adom Jnr to his parents kind courtesy of his mother, Erica

In the letter the 6 month old does not beat around the bush and tells his parents how he expects to be brought up, with lots of love, cuddles and kisses

Adding that his parents should not expect so much from him and neither should they put so much pressure on themselves in raising him up

Netizens have accused the baby’s mother of using the child to manipulate zionfelix as they say it is all her ploy to keep zionfelix in her clutches

Though her intentions cannot be presumed to be known, one thing is for sure, a 6 month old baby can not write or express him or herself in the way it was in the letter

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