5 Reasons Why You Look Older Than You Are

The aging process of an individual is perceived by friends and family due to external factors such as wrinkles on one’s skin, graying of hair, failing body function

Though this processes are totally normal and are to be expected over a period of time when one has walked the face of the earth for a considerable period, there are others who have this processes fast tracked due to their personal choices and lifestyle

In this article we look at 5 reasons why you look older than you are;


The body reflects what we put in it so therefore when it is not well fed it will not look it’s expected self. Over here one has to find a balance between too less and too much and too much nutrition is just as detrimental to the body as less nutrition. Also, to maintain your youth you should probably increase your intake of water as we are expected to take 9-12 glasses of water each day which goes a long way in maintaining skin elasticity


Most adults to not have the 7 hours minimum sleep that their bodies need to maintain body function. A poor sleep function could be the reason why you look older than you are, you should therefore add 7-8 hours of sleep to our list of important things to do in your daily routine


The life of an adult is never easy. Having to juggle between, family, marriage, work, and finance gives a lot of adults headaches and heartaches. This stress if left unchecked could be detrimental to one’s health


Again, your lack of exercise could may as well be the reason why you look 40 when you are 30. Healthy diet and exercise go together in keeping the body fit and strong. A daily 30 minutes exercise routine should be all the fountain of youth you will need


Studies have shown that people who are generally happy live a more youth life and slow up the aging process. Adding smiling to your do list could reduce the wrinkling process on one’s face as studies have shown that smiling or laughter is the one single human activity that positively affects all the cells found in the face

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