10 Things You Do That Kills Your Relationship

Dating today is a very difficult enterprise that can blow up in your face when you least expect. It demands a lot of time and effort to make it work, but at the same time the least mistake and the entire dominos would come crushing down

There are many things that could make a relationship fail and we have have listed ten (10) things we do that kills our relationships

Lack of Communication

The average couple spends a few minutes every day having meaningful conversations. It’s all too easy to get caught up in your daily routine and lose touch with the person you care about. However, there is no such thing as life in neutral because when we stop going ahead, we begin to wander. Make an effort to speak with your spouse on a regular basis.


It was reported in a blog once of a man going through a divorce only that this time it was not his partner he was divorcing but his phone. Technology is threatening to take over our lives so much so that we do not have time for the things which matter anymore. Partners meet and you find them both glued to their phones and no real conversation takes place. This has been the cause of the end of many countless relationships

Lack of Trust

No relationship has ever passed the test of time without both parties trusting each other. Be it a business relationship or an emotional relationship, there is the need for partners to trust each other especially in the case of an emotional relationship


Always looking out for only yourself or always putting yourself first before your partners is a sure remedy for a failed relationship. We are supposed to look out for our partners when we find ourselves in relationships, fight for their best interest but today selfishness has crept into most relationships and that is why most relationships keep on failing


Just as it is important that partners trust each other in their relationships, it is just as important that we are truthful to one another to make sure we do not break the trust and confidence reposed in us. Ones caught lying, all words spoken and actions taken are now cast in doubt and every action yet to be taken and word said will be questioned.


Pride goes before a man’s fall and the moment pride walks in the door, love walks out the door. Living with a partner who is full of him or herself is a very difficult thing to do. They do not apologize when they are wrong and do not ask politely when they want something. Such people suffocate the life out of their partners and their relationships

Reproaching Your Partner in public

If ever you are to reproach your partner, whatever you do do not do it in public. This very act is a sure way of killing your relationship. Many people hate to be reproached let alone in public. It can also affect ones confidence and public image

Meeting parents

Meeting parents in a relationship is a good thing, it shows the seriousness of your partner about the relationship, but when rushed could blow up in your faces. If you already know each others parents thats okay but if you don’t then do not rush it.

Trying to change each other

Another mistake we make which kills our relationships is trying to change our partners. No one is perfect and we all come with varying degree of buggage but forcing a change from your partner could be the ending of your relationship. If there is something you do not like simply talk to your partner about it if he or she is willingly to change, good if not then you will have to work a compromise

Holding grudges

Holding a grudge against your partner prevents you from enjoying your relationship fully and kills it slowly. Like they say, to err is human as we are all human it is expected that we err and as we err we expect that we are forgiven and we will also forgive those who err against us

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