Akuapem Poloo Is Lying, I’m Not In A Relationship With Her – AMG Armani Speaks (Video)

Ghanaian musician AMG Armani has rubbished claims by actress Akuapem Poloo that she is in a romantic relationship with him.

Armani, who appears furious by the claims, has taken to Instagram to share a video of him denying ever being relationship with the controversial actress.

“There is something going on that I need to address, I need to talk about. Because for the past two days pictures and videos going viral that people are saying I’m in a relationship with Akuapem Poloo. That is not true, Akuapem Poloo, you know there is nothing going on between us,” he stated in the video.

According to him, Poloo is being selfish in her attempt for clout because her actions is destroying his relationship with his girlfriend as she believes he is cheating with Poloo.

“If you are doing something, you shouldn’t think about yourself alone. Think about the next person too. Because right now this is becoming a problem with my girlfriend. She thinks that I’m cheating. I don’t need that kind of energy,” he said.

Watch the video below…

Akuapem is yet to respond to Amani’s video.

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