French President Emmanuel Macron Has Egg Thrown At Him During Food Trade Fair

During a visit to an international food trade show in Lyon, France, French President Emmanuel Macron was struck on the shoulder by an egg thrown at him by a young man.

Macron is shown going through the throng when an egg bounces off of him without shattering, according to a footage widely circulated on social media. Two bodyguards were spotted approaching the president right away, while a man was carried away from the scene by additional security.

Reporters heard Macron saying “If he has something to tell me, then he can come.”

According to Lyon prosecutors, the 19-year-old student who hurled the egg was apprehended right away by police. According to their statement, an inquiry has been started into “attack on a person in a position of public authority,” and it will aim to uncover the man’s intentions, as he was previously unknown to the police and court systems.

In June, when welcoming the public in a tiny town in southern France, Macron was smacked in the face by a guy. Afterwards he slammed “violence” and “stupidity.” Following the slap, lawmakers from all political parties have shown their support for France’s president.

Macron, like his forefathers, likes engaging with the general population. Crowd baths, as they are known in French, have long been a feature of French politics.

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