Germany’s Social Democratic Party Wins Most Seats In Federal Elections

According to provisional results, Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) has beaten outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party Christian Democratic Union (CDU), to win the most seats in the country’s federal election.

The Federal Returning Officer” (Der Bundeswahlleiter) responsible for overseeing Federal elections announced the results on its website on Sunday.

According to the website, the Social Democratic Party won 25.7% of the vote, followed by the Christian Democratic Union bloc which polled 24.1%, and the Green Party with 14.8% of votes, after a count of all 299 of Germany’s “constituencies” or electoral districts.

Though the election has ended the 16-year reign or Merkel, her successor will not be decided till a coalition deal is negotiated.

Speaking about the victory of the SDP, party leader said the election result is a “great success”.

“Many citizens have put their crosses next to the SPD because they want there to be a change in government and also because they want the next chancellor of this country to be called Olaf Scholz,” he said.

Scholz has been the Vice Chancellor of Germany and Federal Minister of Finance since 2018, earning him increased visibility as he navigated Germany’s economic response to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, CDU leader Armin Laschet says his party are disappointed with the election outcome.

According to him, he “foresee that there could be a government with three parties,” adding that the party will “do everything to try to build a coalition.”

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