Taliban Ban Afghan Barbers From Trimming Beard

The Taliban has taken over control of Afghanistan and it is back to the dreaded of old days again after the withdrawal of the US military troops from the country

With the mad rush of citizens trying to flee the country, the Taliban might just end up having no one but themselves to dictate to

In their latest dictatorial agenda to suffocate the life out of it’s citizens, by sitting on their rights as humans, the Taliban has ordered that barbers in Afghanistan’s Helmond Province are banned from shaving or trimming beards citing a breach of their interpretation of the Holy Quran as their reason

It was stated that anyone caught violating the declaration shall be punished accordingly, the Taliban religious police said

Barbers in the capital Kabul are said to have received the same orders and such declaration suggest a return to the dictatorial ruling of the group’s previous leadership

This ban of barbers from shaving or trimming beards was released through notices posted on Salons in Southern Helmond Province

“No one has a right to complain,” the notice, which was seen by the BBC, read.

“The fighters keep coming and ordering us to stop trimming beards,” one barber in Kabul said. “One of them told me they can send undercover inspectors to catch us.”

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