Video: Wizkid Fans Fight Over Jacket He Threw In Crowd During Concert

Nigerian artiste, Wizkid has cemented his place as a global super star and music icon and such iconic status is only highlighted when fans go crazy as they have done recently

Wizkid recently performed at a concert for his fans and during his live performance he did what most musicians are now fond of doing, that is during a piece of their clothing into the crowd, be it a shirt, handkerchief or whatever but Wizkid could not have envisioned the reaction of the crowd

A hilarious struggle for ownership of the jacket broke out amongst the fans as no one was ready nor willing to leave the jacket for the other

In the video sighted by, both men and women can be seen holding on to the jacket and the handling of it suggest that if an eventual winner should emerge he or she would not be too happy with the state of th jacket


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