Humble Yourself So Someons’s Son Can Marry You – Netizen Advices Delay

Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay is a Ghanaian media personality and entrepreneur who is 39, unmarried and without a child of her own

It does not seem to bother her match but some people have taken it upon themselves to constantly remind her of her singleness at age 39

So much so that Delay herself sent a post a fan sent her regarding her “inability” to get a marry to put a ring on her finger

It reads, “Wow!1! Okyeame then you’re a very lucky man …you really dodged a bullet by marrying your wife. Delay is too strong for you..too stubborn…too everything. When women are single beyond a certain age…there’s a reason why they’re single. Most men will walk away from Delay type women because they will dominate you when they do not even realise they’re dominating you. They are very domineering and may have had taken after one of their parents who was very domineering. In fact the domineering thing is a spirit and its very dangerous in men and women alike. It can help you achieve a lot in life, because you bulldoze over everyone, but you can loose a lot of precious relationships. Such women end up marrying very soft men…push overs, men with no backbone… when the men have had enough they put their “tails” between their legs, bow down quietly and leave like a wounded puppy. There is hope for anyone who really is domineering and wants to change, but they will have to learn humility and they will have to have someone in their life that is not afraid of them and will tell them plainly when they’re being a bully!!! Enough…go and ponder on it”

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