Beef Alert: Efia Odo Body-shames Sista Afia, Calls Her A Hippo

Efia Odo has reignited her beef with longtime rival Sista Afia.

The actress and media personality on Wednesday threw some shade on the way of Sista Afia after the latter and other celebrities flaunted their newly acquired iPhone 13 on social media.

According to Odo on Twitter, owing an iPhone should not be considered as an achievement.

“Why is acquiring the latest iPhone such an accomplishment to many Ghanaians? This really baffles me and I need answers cuz it’s quite embarrassing especially seeing ‘celebrities’ posing with their new iPhone,” she tweeted.

But it appears her comment pissed Efi off as she responded in the comment section of Nkonkonsa Instagram post with the comment “mteeww”.

A relentless Efia Odo clapped back, as she bodyshame her rival, calling her a hippo.

“This hippo is in love with me on God!! She never has this energy on set tho! Sista Afia why you act like a pus ass bitch when you see me but you always gangster on IG!! You saw me a few days ago on set but where was this energy. Pus ass fake bit**,” she wrote.

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