5 Signs Of A Cheating Partner

Going into a relationship today is a different ball game than lets say 10-20 years ago

Cheating is now second nature in relationships so much that cheaters have now become so adept at it they barely leave any evidence of cheating in their wake but no matter how hard they try there will always be subtle signs if you keep your eyes and ears open

Funny thing is now both genders are now so actively engaged in cheating yet we keep hearing phrases like, “fear women” and “men will show you”

Without taking up much of your time, here a 5 full proof signs of a cheating partner

  • Over protectiveness of their phones or other electronic devices: Today our lives revolve so much around our phones, other electronic devices and social media that it is suspicious when you actively try hiding them from your partner. And they usually play the privacy card, but lets be frank when your partner does not want you touching his or her phone especially when he or she is always behind the screens then it could mean he or she is hiding something
  • Prolong absence and periods of unreachability: Another sign of a cheating partner could be prolonged absence and periods of unreachability. When your partner goes day without hearing from you and when you try reaching out he or she does not respond to your call or text, it could be that he or she is probably with the person they are cheating on you with. This sign is magnified when he or she comes back and is unable to give a tangible reason for their absence and inability to respond to your text or calls
  • Always giving excuses and inconsistent explanations: If he or she is always giving excuses and bailing out on dates with flimsy explanations which are sometimes inconsistent, could mean he or she is hiding something from you, probably a side chick or dude
  • Lack of effort: It is common knowledge that in invest time, money into things that we want or people we hold dear in our lives. When a partner begins to cheat, such efforts will no longer be there or will not be as it use to be which should alert you that your partner is probably cheating
  • Uncomfortable friends: Most at times when your partner is cheating, his or her friends are usually in on it. The guilty of their friends actions usually affects the way they relate with you so you should look out for a change in behaviour of your partner’s friends towards, could probably mean your partner is doing something that is weighing heavily on them

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