Armed Robbers Attack Bridget Otoo’s Shop

Popular TV Broadcaster Bridget Otoo has revealed she has been a victim of an armed robbery attack.

The Metro TV newscaster who sells cement and other building materials disclosed her ordeal on Twitter yesterday.

According to Otoo, two armed robbers on a motor bike came to her shop early morning, fired warning shots and demanded money from her shop attendant.

They collected the shop attendant’s phone, other personal stuff and 500 cedis sale from the morning.

Check out Bridget’s narration of her ordeal below…

“Two guys on a bike fired two warning shots and pulled the gun on my shop attendant and took the morning’s cash sales of 500 cedis. She’s safe but visibly shaken. I don’t know what I would have told her parents if sth had happened to her.

“The armed robbers made away with her phone. The interesting thing is that shop is supposed to be a caseless shop. The only customer who never pays cash, decided to pay cash today and that money was picked by the robbers. Strange coincidences.

“My phone rang, an unknown number, I picked up and I heard my shop attendant crying and screaming ‘Madam save me’ My heart sank, not knowing what it was and without letting her know I was terrified at the sound of her plea … then the words ‘they pulled a gun on me Madam’”.

“I was at the main shop, and I asked a friend to move his car to the other shop, At this point, I knew it was armed robbery. I just told my friend to bring my shop attendant. I couldn’t care if they had taken cement in the shop or whatever physical cash she on her.

“The armed robbers wanted to rob all the shops on that stretch but my girl shouted and that scared them, her scream saved the other shops who ran to save their lives. Eiii God, what was I going to tell her mum and Dad? I just can’t stop asking myself this question!!”

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