Ghanaian Man In The US Licenses His New Benz Number Plate “Kwasia”

A Ghanaian man known on twitter as Anokye and based in the US is making a lot of noise in the whiteman’s land with his money and actions

Anokye bought a brand new Benz 4matic CLS 400 and sprayed it all green

We thought that was the height of his extravagance but we were sourly mistaken as he did something that caught many by surprise, especially Ghanaians

Anokye went on to license the new car “kwasia”

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Akan word, it simply means ‘stupid’ in the dialect

His actions raised a lot of eye brows with many commenting of his post

@KayBoadi commented, De3 )wo kwasia no w’ambr3 s3 de3 )tete no

@AnotherClassick wrote, Ahh chale you make I laugh die Herh

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