6 Important Questions To Ask Your Partner When Dating

Dating is usually the part which comes before marriage. There is no fixed period for the dating period as what works the one might not necessarily work for you so do what works for you. What we would however advice you on is to use this period to get to know the one you would most probably be spending the most part of the remainder of your life with

In this article, I have put together 6 questions which I personally think must be asked during dating to ensure you are not caught out of the blue in the future. There are more questions which can be asked but for now lets that with this 6

Are you married?: This question may be as a result of my promise to have nothing to do with a married woman and I personally feel it is a question which must be asked especially for our ladies. We mostly hear stories of how a woman dates a man for 2-3 years only to get attacked by “his wife” later. Even if there is no ring on his finger I would advice you still ask the question to ensure to clear any doubt from your mind and protect your conscience from any guilt in the event that he has a wife you at least know you asked but he chose to lie

Are you in any other form of relationship?: I get it, people lie to get what they want and would most probably lie through all the questions. But asking these questions is more about you than your partner, knowing that you did the right thing. You did not go in blind but your partner rather chose to rob you of the light to see. When he or she says no they are no married, do not end there. Ask them if they are in any other form of relationship. Trust me there are a lot of weird things going on out there

What are your intentions?: This question I would advice it is asked at the very beginning preferably on the fist few couple of dates. This question again is suited for the ladies as it is usually the gents who come with proposals of love though many come with other hidden intentions camouflaged in gifts of flowers, chocolates and promise of undying love

Do you have a child?: We have deal breakers which we just cannot get over. For most it is when their partner already has a child or children. Asking them about it is very important as it is difficult to lie about especially if he or she is serious about the relationship ending in what we call marriage

What work do you do?: Most would say this is a gold digger questions but it’s a very legitimate question in my eyes if where it is coming from is pure. Again people tell a lot of lies and do a lot of packaging to deceive others into falling in love with and accepting them. The only way to look out for yourself is to ask questions. If when they lie, their actions would eventually contradict their words

Where do you see yourself in 2-5 years?: It is frustrating to be with someone who does not have a sense of purpose and direction in life and as they say if you do not plan then you plan to fail. Your partner’s inability to give an adequate response to this question should tell you what you are dealing with especially if there is no mention of settling down in his or her answer

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