Thieves Break Into Lionel Messi’s Hotel Room Stealing Jewellery And “Thousands Of Pounds”

Six time Ballon d’or win, Lionel Messi has had the hotel he rest his head in at night robbed by a group of masked men doing away with “thousands of pounds” and jewellery worth even more

The raid on the hotel is to have taken place on Wednesday at the 5-star Le Royal Monceau hotel in Paris

According to reports, the group of masked men mounted the building’s exterior through the roof and entered through an unsecured balcony door.

Four other rooms were also broken into, with the criminals making off with thousands of pounds in cash.

When one female victim returned home, she discovered her earrings, necklace, and money had been stolen.

She had this to tell reporters, “To pay a fortune for somewhere fancy and secure and have someone walk in your room is very disturbing”.

“The police told us they saw two men with a bag on the roof on CCTV cameras but they could not identify them.

“They said three other robberies were also reported. A Moroccan guy in the next room told me he had his watch stolen.”

Shockingly, the hotel did not believe her until the police got involved.

“There has clearly been a very serious security breach and it’s being investigated,” a spokesperson said.

“There is evidence to suggest an experienced gang was responsible.”


Messi made the move to PSG last month, and on Tuesday scored his first goal for his new club in a 2-0 win against Manchester City in the Champions League. 

He moved into the lush hotel upon his arrival in August along with his wife kids, but has recently signed a lease on a house ready to move out.

And after finally getting on the scoresheet in the French capital, a move to a new house may just improve his contributions on the pitch once he is settled.

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