You’re The Worst IGP Ever – Captain Smart To Oppong-Boanuh

Onua FM Morning Show host Captain Smart has labelled former Inspector General of Police (IGP) James Oppong-Boanuh as the worst IGP in Ghana’s history.

According to the controversial broadcast journalist, the incompetence of Oppong-Boanuh makes him rank the lowest on the list of IGPs appointed in Ghana.

Smart on his show on Thursday morning stated that the former IGP during his tenure allowed politicians to use him as a tool for propaganda.

He said the former IGP and the current government lied to the Police officers regarding their salary increment prior to the elections to hep them win the polls.

“Let me tell you on authority that Oppong-Boanuh is the worst IGP ever appointed in Ghana. Oppong-Boanuh, wherever I stand I will tell you that, you are the worst IGP,” Captain Smart said.

“Show me one thing that you did for the Ghana Police Service under your tenure as the IGP. You get the chance to sit on TV and radio and brag about how the Police Service will see an increment in the salary of its personnel and a whole IGP will allow politicians to use that as a basis of winning elections and afterwards the increment that they deserve does not come.

“Today, some Professor is saying that those who do such a job do not deserve 4% increment in salary. His wife is not part. Look, do you know the number of police officers that were killed just because they were working tirelessly to protect us, civilians, in the night when we are asleep? You have no idea; we have witnessed in this country how police officers are killed like fowls…”

He continued: “Police Officers use their personal savings in buying most of their uniforms, especially their boots which they wear to work. Today, a Ghanaian government cannot but a proper boot for the police officers…

“Today when they are increasing their salary, someone will sit somewhere and say that, they don’t deserve [it]. Today, police officers buy their own uniforms, the government cannot buy the uniforms for them and the police officers cannot say it…they buy their own beret…,” he stressed.

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