Swarm Of Injustice

For what I see and witness shall I say

I am not born to serve man’s world for pay

I am obviously a good guy with a bad mouth for those who believe in inequality and injustice

And find myself in the calmness of the sea forgetting the shores of man and cries of humanity

Just long enough to offer myself the respite needed for those who perpetrate and who tolerate

How can we aby inspite of so many voices, angry voices shouting so much pain, injustice, over so many generations;

We must start from now, this instant, in this time, this moment

Africa can be way better than our long history but not;

When a criminal becomes the law enforcer, When crime becomes the norm

When society is rotten and injustice is ever visible,

When we are deprived of what you and I earned and deserve

If we let the silence win now

How will you pay back what you owe to injustices suffered!

Is there a way to rectify this?

Stern injustice on our last nerve

Why must you and I lack when others don’t?

Why did they say they will, but won’t?

It is so hard to cope, when injustice kills hope

With all the injustices faced today

How can people just brush it away

From famous persons to commoners

It doesn’t take a philosopher to see the problems of humanity

Along with governmental insanity

So I ask, who is to be blamed?

Ad who pays the penalty; not same right.

Zuma the poet

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