Video: Frank Naro Vows To Teach Oteele A Lesson When They Meet

Disappointed kumawood actor, Frank Naro has revealed that he is eager to meet fellow actor, Oteele, adding that he would deal with him when he sets eyes on him

Frank who was speaking during an interview with Poleeno Multimedia recently revealed that the actor has been the reason why most directors, producers and actors do not call him again for movies.

According to him, Oteele is the reason why there is so much argument and fight in the movie industry as he is always finding ways of causing confusion among the movie actors.

He further added that he almost died out of hunger because Oteele advised producers and directors not to use him which led to him been sidelined.


In other related news, Frank Naro who is now more focused on music revealed that he has quit movie acting because he was attacked spiritually

According to him, he was attacked while on set and had to leave to take care of his life.

Frank Naro said this on Atink TV‘s entertainment show, Jute Box, hosted by the ever beautiful Nana Adwoa Annan.

When asked if his attackers wanted to kill him or what exactly the attack was, he said, “If you kill me you will not have my car or land so what are you killing me for?”

Frank Nero was of the belief that instead of supporting each other, most people had the mentality that pulling him down will deter producers from casting him for movies.

“If I am on set, it will not do anything to you, rather attack the producer. It is the director who tells us what to say and so if you want someone to envy then it should be the director, not me.”

He continued, “I stepped on medicine and I asked myself, is acting the only job I can do, after all it is just talking. “

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