Video: Ghanaians Must Change – Keche Tells Ghanaians As He Responds To Davido’s Comments On The Support Nigerian Artiste Enjoy From Nigerian Fans

Keche wants from Ghanaians what Nigerian artiste enjoy from their Nigerian fan base, loyalty and support.

In a video sighted by, the Ghanaian artiste was commenting on a video he himself sighted in which Nigerian artiste, Davido said he cannot explain the love and support Nigerians have for their artiste but they feel it and appreciate

Keche responding to this video revealed he was disheartened as he said same cannot be said of the Ghanaian fan base who are always quick to pull them down for others to take over

He sighted examples by mentioning Nigerian legends in entertainment and football like Jayjay Okocha, AY, and Basketmouth, saying that they have been in their various specialisation for so long and have achieved so much success and yet Nigerians are still riding hard for them yet when you look at the Ghanaian fan base same cannot be said

Here he sighted names like DKB and comedian Waris who is said have been topics of public ridicule adding that right in his presence he witness DKB getting insulted.

He also said even the Okocha’s retirement from football we still see him on television doing advertisement for MTV and CNN while Asamoah Gyan who is a legend of Ghanaian football is being insulted


Keche therefore called for change from Ghanaians from the very top to those walking on the streets

He even hinted that the behaviour of Ghanaians could be witchcraft as he cannot phantom why if you are a star for 2-5 years they are eager to bring you down and put another and when they achieve that even the one they put there after 2-3 years they start accusing you of disrespect and work actively to “wash them out”, forgetting that it was that same star who made their weddings, shows and interviews a success

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