Do’s And Don’ts During Pregnancy

Some women may go through their pregnancies completely ignorant that they are pregnant. They may have been doing something unwise after they were pregnant, which might have resulted in them giving birth to a kid with abnormalities or stillbirths.

As a result, it’s critical that you be educated and careful about engaging in any activity or utilizing any product that you might not be familiar with.

Going for antenatal: Going for antenatal and taking the essential folic acid as well as the prenatal vitamins given by their doctor are some of the main dos and don’ts of pregnancy to assist a woman carry a baby to full term. Adequate prenatal vitamin intake can help the body defend itself against the onset of diabetes

Get enough rest, do not over work yourself: In our part of our world where women are regarded as home keepers, they strife to still keep their matrimonial homes in perfect condition even at the latter part of their pregnancies when rest is paramount. They cook, scrub, wash and every other thing imaginable which could affect the pregnancy especially when time is not taken to rest

Exercise: Because you are pregnant does not mean you should treat yourself as an egg or an invalid. You still need to exercise during pregnancy to ensure a safe and somewhat easy delivery. Exercise eases blood pressure in the mother and ensures that rich oxygenated blood is carried to the growing foetus

Eat a balanced diet: A pregnant woman is not allowed to eat carelessly as whatever she eats is what her growing baby eats. Pregnant women are therefore encourage to eat a balanced diet. Make sure your food is rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates which provide energy for both mother and foetus

Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol: We are told to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol as individuals and this admonishment is heightened when one is pregnant. Smoking and drinking of alcohol during pregnancy has the tendency of negatively affecting the growing foetus. Expectant mothers are therefore adviced to stay away from smoking of drinking during the nine months of pregnancy

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