I Was A Pallbearer Before Doing Music – Kofi Jamar

Ghanaian musician Kofi Jamar has revealed that he was a pallbearer before doing music professionally.

Speaking to Kofi Manuel in an interview with YFM, the rapper stated that most people confuse his former work and claim he worked in a mortuary when it was a funeral service.

“It wasn’t in the mortuary per say. It was a funeral service and we were in charge of serving food at the funeral, cleaning and also discharging the corpse to the cemetery and the burial grounds. Just like the ‘dada awu’ boys,” he said.

“So basically, I was one of the ‘dada awu’ boys and I was doing it before it became popular. Around that time, I had already dropped some songs that had gone round but they weren’t as popular as my songs are today in Kumasi.”

He also disclosed that after working in the funeral service, he also went to work as a security guard for two hotels in Kumasi. He said he did the security job for about two years.

Jamar added that some of his friends that saw him doing the funeral and security work mocked him, however he was never discouraged.

He said, “Some of my mates sometimes mocked me and others tried to discourage me. Others also encouraged me and even tipped me when they saw me. I felt it was toughening me up for whatever I had to face in life so I was just motivated.”

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