Medikal Lives A Fake Life, I Caught Him Trying To Hide From Me Because He Could Not Afford Business Class In A Flight – Ibrah One

It has always been said that those in the entertainment industry are living beyond their means and Ibra One has added more fuel to that fire with the revelation he has just made about Medikal

Ibra one always has information about somebody, so much so that even Ghanaians have become bored and tired of his shenanigans

In his latest broadcast of information, the subject is no other person than member of the Arab Money Gang (AMG), Medikal

Ibra one revealed how Medikal tried covering his face because he Ibra one had seen him in a flight in which he hadn’t boarded business class

To Ibra, he was expecting nothing short of business class from medikal due to the impression he makes of how rich he is, always changing cars, clothes and flaunting wealth at each turn

“I board the same flight with Medikal, I caught him trying to cover his face with a cap all because he couldn’t afford business class”

Medikal was not the end of his revelation however as he went of the heads of the “top male musicians in Ghana”

According to him music has stopped paying even before rise of covid-19 with it’s social restrictions and as such most of the top male musicians are into “yahoo yahoo” which they cover up by claiming that music is paying

“All the top male musicians in Ghana are into yahoo yahoo, music stopped paying long before COVID-19 came to spoil everything. #Ibrahone

This is a clear case of charcoal calling the kettle black as Ibrah One, real name, Ibrahim Dauoda is known to be the biggest yahoo yahoo boys in the country

Ibrah one has had made accusations of fraud levelled against him that it is a surprise he still walks around so freely to the point of pointing fingers at others

Ibrah one always does and says controversial things to make the news, and it seems Ghanaians now know his trick and have accused him of being an attention seeker and because of that do not make too much of whatever he says or does

But that does not deter Ibrah as he continues to come back with more revelations each time

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