Sister Afia And Efia Odo Smoke The Peace Pipe As They Apologize To Each Other On Live TV

Ghanaian songstress Sister Afia and colleague in the entertainment industry, Efia Odo who is an actress, video vixen and entrepreneur are finally bringing the curtains down on their long standing feud

Efia Odo was a guest on this week of UTV’s united showbiz programme and she took the opportunity to publicly render an apology to Sister Afia for all what she has done and said against her, most recently for calling Sister Afia a hippo

Sister Afia was called on phone during the show also expressed her apology as the two exchanged a heart to heart conversation

Before apologizing, Sister Afia was a little bit reluctant as she felt Efia Odo’s apology was not from her heart as according to her she didn’t feel the energy

Efia Odo however assured her that there is no love lost between the two of them as she insisted she does not hate Sister Afia going as far to reveal that she even plays her song before posing the question to sister Afia that would she be playing her song if she hated her

Sister Afia on the order hand was more skeptical about the whole affair as she felt Efia Odo’s apology was a mere charade, reminding her that they have been “here” to which Efia Odo burst out that its always she Sister Afia who starts everything

At the end of it all Sister Afia also rendered her apology to Efia Odo, asking that she is forgiven for anything she might done or said to hurt her

Efia Odo ended the whole affair by complementing Sister Afia on her “new body”, telling her her new body looks great


All is well that ends well

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