American Rapper Soulja Boy Posts Hajia4real

Think of it what you may but the romance between our very own Hajia4real and American rapper Souljaboy is gaining grounds

It all started with Soulja boy admiring Hajia4real from afar when she posted some pictures of herself which caught the American rappers attention and solicited a comment from him

And now it appears a lot must have gone on behind the scenes as they have now moved on to posting each other

Well at least Soulja boy is the one posting our hajia

The American rapper has been caught “flirting” with Hajia4real as he was seen posting our beautiful princess with the caption, “Hajia4real soulja girl #HereToStay”

It might not be what we are thinking and it most definitely could be what we are thinking but we would have to wait to find out and like the Dagomba man in Ghana would say “when it gets rotten, it will smell”

Back to the picture Soulja boy posted of the ever lovely Hajia4real, the goddess was dressed in a white tank top and very tight “crazy jeans” and a brown leather handbag clutched in her left hand while her right hand holds a travelling bag almost as if she is travelling

Some fans are of the believe that Hajia4real is on her way to see the American rapper judging from the picture while others said she is already there judging by the rapper’s caption of her picture, “#HereToStay”

Here is a little info about the American rapper;

DeAndre Cortez Way born July 28, 1990, known professionally as Soulja Boy, is an American rapper and record producer. In September 2007, his debut single “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” peaked at number 1 on the U.S. Billboard hot 100. The single was initially self-published to the internet, and later became a number-one hit in the United States for seven non-consecutive weeks starting in September 2007. On August 17, Way was listed at number 18 on the Forbes list of Hip-Hop Cash Kings of 2010 for earning $7 million that year.

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