Anas Aremeyaw Has Neglected Us – Ahmed Suale’s Wife Speaks

The second wife of late investigative journalist Ahmed Suale, a member of investigative company Tiger PI, who was assassinated in 2019, has revealed that her husband’s boss Anas Aremeyaw Anas has neglected them since his demise.

She disclosed in an interview on Iqra Facebook page via Facebook live.

The lady, who said her husband left behind four kids, alleged that Anas has completely abandoned late Suale’s wives and kids after his tragic passing.

She said “I left Accra here all alone back to the north but over there too, things were not happening, life was not easy … I came back to Accra and right now I am perching with my sister while I go to the market to get something small.

“I just completed school and we got married. I was planning to go back to school to continue my education. I had just finished Senior High… and I took in very early when I got married.”

According to her, her children had to be moved to a government school because the fees at the private school they were attending was too expensive. She added that Anas had initially settled the school fees of the four children her late husband left behind.

The alleged second wife of Ahmed Suale said life has really been difficult for her and the kids and needs urgent help.

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