Reasons Why You Should Exercise Daily

Exercise is any form of movement that puts the muscles to work resulting in the burning of excess calories in the body.

There are so many ways in which a person can exercise which includes, jogging, swimming, walking, dancing, running or playing of sport

Living a physically active life which involves exercise has been shown to have so many health benefits to the individual both physically and mentally

Here is a compilation of reasons why you should exercise daily;

Helps to increase your energy levels: Exercise can be a way to increase you energy levels including those with various medical conditions. Regular exercise can eliminate feelings of fatigue amongst individuals and also improves their endurance and energy levels

Helps with weight loss: Studies have shown that prolonged periods of inactivity is a major factor in weight gain and obesity. There are two ways weight loss can be achieved, dieting, which lowers the body’s metabolic rate or exercising which increases the body’s metabolic rate which can burn calories to help in weight loss

Keeps muscles and bones strong: Regular exercise is good for the muscles and bones. Physical activities such as weightlifting when paired with sufficient protein intake can stimulate muscle building. Exercise helps release hormones that enhances the ability of muscles to absorb amino acids, this helps muscle growth and reduces their breakdown

Improves relaxation and sleep quality: Regular exercise improves relaxation and the body’s quality of sleep. The energy depletion that occurs when one exercises forces the body into a recuperation phase which involves relaxation or sleep.

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