TV3 Labelled Stingy As Ghana’s Most Beautiful Winner Walks Home With A Paltry GHC10,000

The curtain was drawn on TV3’s 2021 edition of their much watch tv show, Ghana’s Most Beautiful and Sarfoa, representing the Ashanti Region was crowned the winner

She took home a cash prize of GHC10,000 and also received a brand new car, assurance of a 1 year supply of GTP fabric and souvenirs from it’s other sponsors

Yet Ghanaians are not happy with the television station

The television station has been labelled as stingy and exploitative as the masses feel the work done by the various women for the said 13 weeks deserves more than the paltry GHC10,000 given to eventually winner Sarfoa

Matters were not helped as the winner of Nigeria’s Big Brother Nigeria was also announced yesterday and eventual winner, Whitemoney walked home with a total of N90m and USD 217,654.16 when converted to dollars

One fan was so livid at the cash prize given to the winner of the GMB programme that he took to twitter to vent his thoughts and feelings

He had this to say;

“After 13 weeks of relentless efforts from the girls? All TV3 could do was to give the winner a car, Ghc 10,000, a trip to Dubai and other irrelevant stuff? Wow!!”

“I can say on authority that for all the finalists, each of their families spent at least Ghc 8,000 for 13 consecutive week. That’s a whopping Ghc 104,000 per contestant.”

“BB gave Whitemoney USD 217,654.16. This will change his well-being in that poor country called Nigeria. Giving Sarfoa Ghc 10,000 will make her worse off in a poor country like Ghana.”

“You could ‘ve at least given the winner 1million Ghana cedis or even more…”

“You could have changed the life of Sarfoa, Setor and Manu and the other three finalist. Now will I ever recommend any beautiful girl who wants to change the society to do that through GMB? Never!!! And I am projecting the voices of thousands out there who are genuinely not impressed at how the finalists were rewarded!!!!”

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