OGB Music Cheated Me- Fameye

Singer Fameye has revealed he was cheated during his time at former label OGB Music.

Speaking on the Entertainment Segment of Tv3 New Day, Fameye stated that contrary rumours circulating, he received nothing from the GHS 2.5 million sign-on money from his previous record label, OGB Music, which is owned by musician Ogidi Brown.

According to him, he never personally benefitted from the 2.5 million sign-on money as it was used to shoot music videos and other music-related expenditures.

He revealed he had to pay undisclosed amount of money to his previous label before being allowed to part ways with them.

He added that despite leaving OGB Music he still doesn’t own sojme of the songs he recorded and all the revenue from the streaming goes to them.

“I am just happy I have been able to pay. He still has my songs. He is taking monies from the streams of my songs,” he said.

Explaining the feuds that often go on between record labels and their artistes, Fameye said the labels think they totally own the artistes because of the money invested in them. However, the artistes also offer their talent and without the talent, the label won’t be successful.

“Talent is money, and the record label is also bringing the physical money. So both of us are supposed to do business. But we make it look like record labels or managers are rather helping artistes and the artistes have nothing to offer. While they are bringing in the talent and lots of energy onboard,” he said.

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