I Have Never Dated Him And Will Never Date Him – Sandra Ababio Denies Lilwin Like Peter Denied Jesus

The supposed love story between Kumawood bigwigs Lilwin and Sandra Ababio is one that the will compete with any known soap opera for sheer suspense and intrigue

One moment the actions of the two point to the fact there is a raging flame between them and the next moment of the two is on the airwaves denying having any romantic relationship to do with the other. They just do not give us the chance to catch our breathes

The one who is currently on duty when it comes to the blame game is Sandra Ababio who has now denied Lilwin more times than Peter denied Jesus

Speaking in an interview with Abena Ghana on the “Journey Show”, the beautiful actress clearly stated that she has never been in a romantic affair with Lilwin and such a thing will also never happen.

She further went ahead to spell out that Lilwin only liked her as a sister and that was all with no strings attached.

Talking about Lilwin’s alleged love proposal to her, Sandra Ababio claimed that Lilwin can never propose to her because they are not on the same level with no disrespect attached just that they are two different people with different aims.

The movie star also recounted how she was always bullied on set by some actors and actresses after news went rife that she’s in bed with Lilwin.

She emotionally revealed that she had to endure all sorts of insults because it was assumed that Lilwin will lobby for her to get more leading roles in movies.

Sandra also used the opportunity to tell all the guys who are interested in her to stay away from her DMs because she has a boyfriend whom she loves very much.

Although both Lilwin and Sandra Ababio have denied the widespread speculations of their dating, social media users have refused to buy such a narrative.

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