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Veteran Actress Adwoa Smart Turns 51

Growing up in the 90s, Adwoa Smart was a very popular face on television. The diminutive actress and other acts like Maame Dokono in “Obra” Akan drama group for decades entertained Ghanaians.

But like many of her colleagues from Akan Drama, Adwoa sadly faded into obscurity from the early 2000s.

However, despite her irrelevance in the past two decades, Adwoa, whose real name is Belinda Naa Ode Oku, will go down as one of the greatest Ghanaian female actors of all time.

Tuesday was her 51st birthday, and many Ghanaians took to social media to celebrate her, with a number of them touting her as one of the best actors ever.

Adwoa Smart was introduced to acting by her mentor Grace Omaboe popularly known as Maame Dokono. It was Grace Omaboe who took Adwoa under her wings and supported her during the early days of her career. She also enrolled Adwoa at a popular dancing school to polish her dancing stage performance skills.

Grace Omaboe has remained Adwoa’s mentor and adopted mother for several decades. The two stayed together for well over 20yrs during the days of Obra, and have remained close friends till this day. In Obra, the two were often cast as mother and daughter.

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