Cardi B Gave Me $30,000 During My Court Case – Akuapem Poloo

The relationship that exist between Ghanaian celebrity, actress and video vixen and that of American ace female rapper Cardi B is yet to be defined

The two of them struck up a good friendship during the American’s visit to Ghana during a time when a lot of African American celebrities found Ghana an attractive destination for their holidays

She came, she met Akuapem Poloo and the two have been inseparable even after she left for America and now Akuapem Poloo has revealed just how much her ‘twin sister’ which she so affectionately calls her, helped her during her court case

If you could remember, Akuapem Poloo suffered the wrath of Ghanaians and the law after she posed unclothed with her young son

This singular act of hers threatened to have her imprisoned as it appeared she had flaunted some laws in the Ghana constitution regarding indecency and child protection

But her ‘sister’ Cardi B had her back all through out the court process and now it appears she even helped Akuapem Poloo with a huge sum of $30,000 which when converted to Ghana cedis is around GHC182,042 and coins, now that is some serious money guys

“Cardi supported me, she gave me $30,000.00 which I used during my court case and advised me all the time,” Akuapem Poloo stated.

She added that the American rapper took a personal interest in her court case saying that she was instrumental in the release from prison

Akuapem Poloo cupped her revelation by letting us know of Cardi B’s intention of featuring her in a song and how she encourages her to practice her craft in music to realise her true potential

“Cardi wants to feature me and encourages me to keep producing music so I can build my potential,” Akuapem Poloo concluded.

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