I Don’t Beg For Money – Ayisha Modi Replies Mona Gucci

Ayisha Modi has responded to Mona Gucci’s claims that she lives a fake life on social media, pretending to be rich.

Mona Gucci on her Biribi Gyegye Wo show on Onua TV, threw several jab targeted at Ayisha, alleging that she begs for money to feed her family.

But responding to Mona’s attacks via an Instagram post, Modi stated that the former’s claims about her are absolute lies.

According to her, she is a self-made woman and never in her life had she begged anyone for money to feed herself or her family.

“I don’t beg for money before I can feed my kids nor beg anyone for help before I can take my children to see a doctor. Am a self made woman.

“You fools should put some respect ✊ on my name. Check my records or goggle my name and line up with yours , and see if we are on the same level or am ur classmate,” she wrote.

Modi further alleged that Mona asked her for money to pay her rent, lying that she had 36,000 dollars in her bank account in America but can’t take it out.

“Define who a friend is madam lawyer who told me to loan her money for rent , claimed she has 36,000 dollars in her bank account in America but can’t take it out forgetting am an American citizen so she can’t guy me. Funny world with funny evil souls as humans boi,” she said.

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