NDC’s Kwesi Dawood Allegedly Impregnates Daughter

National Democratic Congress’ Central Regional Communication Director, Emmanuel Kwesi Dawood has been accused of defilement and incest.

According to Daily Guide newspaper, the NDC regional executive allegedly had sex and impregnated her daughter when she was only 15 years.

The publication adds that Kwesi Dawood then sent her daughter to his friend to abort the pregnancy.

“It has been haunting me. He made me go for an abortion. He started having sex with me in 2019. The last time he had sex with me was in June 2021. He was NADMO Coordinator and is the current NDC Regional Communications Officer. He did not look after me,” the girl is reported to have said.

According to the victim, her father who did not look after her until her mid teen, lied to her that she will send her abroad to further her educations.

“My mother was not happy for me to leave and go and stay with him. He promised to send me abroad to further my education and warned that if I reveal the act to anybody, he was going to end the plans to send me out for my education,” she is reported to have added.

The mother of the victim also disclosed that some NDC officials have been persuading her to drop the case but she has vowed to let the law deal with Dawood for committing such a heinous crime.

“NDC officials have been coming to us to plead for him but I have made it clear that it is a criminal case and he has to face the full rigours of the law. My daughter has been in distress and has said she needs nothing but justice,” the mother is quoted to have said.

She further revealed that she was also a victim of Kwesi Dawood who impregnated her when she was in senior high school form 1.

“He impregnated me when I was in the first year in secondary school. He is doing the same thing to our own daughter. I do not know if he was brought into this world to destroy our lives. He abandoned me after the pregnancy and never saw him until my daughter grew up and he came for her,” she said.

The case is due to be called in court on October 13, 2021, with charges of conspiracy to commit crime, defilement, incest and illegal abortion expected to be slapped on the NDC executive.

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