Mona Gucci Accuses Ayisha Modi Of Living A Fake Life

Ghanaian television host Mona Gucci has literally dragged loud-mouthed socialist Ayisha Modi to filth on social media.

In a post on Instagram, the Onua TV presenter called out Modi for living a fake life, pretending to be rich on social media but begs for living in real life.

According to Mona, doesn’t even own a house in the States but all she does is throws dust in the eyes of gullible Ghanaians. She dared her to post a photo of her house to quash her claims.

She said Ayisha is only perching at the home of her friend Ginger all this while, yet she deceived the public that she well to do when in fact it is the exact opposite.

She added that Ginger has now evicted her from her home and even changed the door locks, so Mona currently doesn’t even has a place to live—except may be her mother’s home.

“Ego over you. You think you can throw dust into Ghanaians eyes? You homeless lowlife wona-be, hw3 don’t try koraaa. For your info Ginger has changed her door locks. If you don’t go for your dirty stuff, we shall send them to the storage… I’m posting your stuff soon.

“Wabodam who are you again? Can you rent an apartment in the USA? I dare you to show your apartment.. And don’t go showing your mum’s place ooo. If you post someone’s house too we will find out,” she said.

Mona and Ayisha, who used to be friends, have recently fell out for some unknown reasons. It all started when Mona sat on her Onua TV show “Biribi Gyegye Wo” and threw several shades at the direction of Ayisha Modi.

Ayisha Modi is yet to respond to Mona Gucci’s latest accusations.

Check out the screenshot of Mona’s jab at Modi which has since been deleted.

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