I Feed Poor And Hungry Mona Gucci And Her Children – Ayisha Modi

Poverty and Gucci travel on two parallel lines, fated to never meet and yet Mona Gucci has succeeded to bend the rules of space and time to have Gucci and poverty meet

According to Ayisha Modi, Ghana’s ‘minister of receipts, keys and revelation, Mona Gucci is so broke that to even fend for herself and her kids is beyond her and yet she proudly continues to carry her nicki, ‘Mona Gucci’ around

I think it is time she is no longer known as Mona Gucci but rather Mona polythene, that would be a fitting name for her currently financial state

In a audio standupgh.com has at it’s disposal, we can hear Ayisha Modi wash all of Mona Gucci’s dirty linen and dry them in the full glare of the public

Revealing how Mona had come to her cup in hand multiple times to beg for money to feed her children and how she, Ayish Modi has had to step in to take care of the medical bills of Mona Gucci’s children

We all have borrowed before and we do not know what the future holds for us, we might have to borrow once more, there is no shame in it, but we will ever have to borrow from someone who will brag about how he or she has been ‘taking care’ of us then I believe we would rather go hungry

Ayisha Modi is very fond of helping others and going round bragging about it which is not a good character trait on should have even if the person you helped has offended you

Listening to the audio, Ayisha Modi attacked Mona from all angles and after that said she would not insult her for the sake of her kids and yet continued on her rampage to the point where body counts were revealed

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