Offset Gifts Cardi B A Caribbean Mansion For Her 29th Birthday

Cardi B and Offset are known for trying to out do each other with expensive gifts. Last year, even though Cardi B had filed for divorce, Offset gifted her a pricey Rolls Royce for her birthday. But this year, since the two have since rekindled their marriage, Offset showed his love by giving her an even bigger gift, an entire house.

Cardi celebrated another year with a major birthday bash. The theme was dancehall, according to one of her tweets, and the rapper told her guests to bring their best Caribbean dancehall looks. According to reports, those in attendance included Chance The Rapper, 2 Chainz, Lizzo, Snoop Dogg, Tiffany Haddish, and Teyana Taylor.

Halfway through the celebration, Offset got on the microphone to unveil his gift. Armed with an entire video presentation, Offset revealed he bought Cardi an entire house in the Dominican Republic, her family’s homeland, complete with stunning architecture and a rooftop pool.

Along with the eye-catching birthday gift from Offset, many other celebrities wished Cardi a happy birthday to ring in her 29th year. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, her recent collaborator Normani, and even Beyonce shared some sweet birthday wishes with the rapper. Even Halle Barry tweeted at Cardi, calling her a “sweet soul,” much to the rapper’s surprise. “Thank you soooo much… Like imagine Halle Berry wishing you a happy birthday? Like omgg,” she responded.

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