Armed Robber Shot Dead After Failed Robbery Attempt

The recent rise in armed robbery cases has reduced citizen confidence in the security forces and as such they are taking it upon themselves to protect themselves and their family. Some have acquired firearms to protect themselves and this article highlights the growing insecurity in the country

A video that is fast going viral and sighted by has shown the moment when two armed robbers who were sitting on a motorbike that crossed a car to steal from the owner had the driver shooting the robber in the head immediately he got close to the car.

A CCTV camera which was installed on the road saw the thief being shot just moments after he got down from the motor he was sitting on just so he can take the valuables of the man who was driving his car back home from work.

The current rise of criminal activities has been attributed to the rise youth unemployment in the country with the country continuously churning out thousands of graduates each year but with no jobs to absolve them to the system

Governmental initiatives such as Nation Builders Corp (NABCO) has somewhat minimized the growing canker of youth unemployment but if we indeed what to find work for the idle hands of our youth then we will need more than just temporary measures

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