How Do National Service Personnel Manage The GHC559 Allowance? – Serwaa Amihere Quizzes

The National Service Scheme recently released the postings of new graduates who are mandated by the constitution to serve the country for a period of one year and Serwaa Amihere has asked a very pertinent question concerning the process

The media personality took to her twitter handle to ask, “National service personnel, how do you manage the GHC 559 allowance?

Serwaa’s question is very welcome as many service personnel struggle to survive on the paltry GHC559 given to them as allowance

Cost of living in the country is constantly on the rise, fuel prices are increasing, food is expensive, transportation is expensive and landlords are having a field day with tenants

The National service allowance has not been increased in the last 4 years or so and yet cost of living has more than quadrupled over the same period

Unfortunately for service personnel, the moment parents or guardians hear that they have been paid their allowance, they withdraw all form of support from them and they are therefore to miraculous survive with the said amount for a period of 1 month and sometimes the allowance can delay in coming for over 2 to 3 months

Personnel are there forced to go in for loans with exploitative interest rates and use the allowance when it finally comes to clear of debt leaving them in a cycle of continuous borrowing and debt

Government must therefore come to their rescue by reviewing the National service allowance

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