Nobody Can Send Me Back To Ghana – Twene Jonas Brags

Twene Jonas aka ‘Glass nkoaa’ has sent a stern warning to all those in Ghana especially the NPP Government who have been threatening to have him deported back to the country that nobody, absolutely nobody can bring him back to Ghana without him wanting to come back

His outburst is in response to NPP’s Hopeson Adorye who he says has been peddling lies against him to tarnish his image

According to Hopeson Adorye, nobody can challenge State power, therefore, he wants to teach the young political activist a serious lesson for always insulting leaders of the country.

In Hopeson Adorye’s bid to achieve his goal, he says he has gone to get serious information about Jonas that will implicate him as a criminal in the U.S. This is coming after Jonas responded to his dare a few days ago.

“He left Ghana on 14th May 2019, he travelled with Turkish Airlines, the purpose of travel is ‘Conference’ he used Kotoka International Airport terminal 3. His first name is Jonas, his surname is Twene, nationality Ghana. For the passport number and rest, I am holding on to that,” Hopeson Adorye said in a Facebook live interview with Adepa TV.

According to Hopeson Adorye, “the visa in his passport is not a visa that he can use to easily secure his papers in America … you took a visa for a conference and you never went back, in the first place that’s a crime. He didn’t get five years visa, it was a short visa”.

But glass nkoa has come out to rubbish all of Hopeson Adorye’s claim of him being in America illegally adding that he has the blessing of American president Joe Biden


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