Adebayor Wanted To Give Me 11 Bedroom House And GHS 1.8m But He Stopped – Funny Face Reveals (Video)

Ghanaian actor and Funny Face has revealed that footballer and longtime friend Emmanuel Adebayor promised to give him an eleven bedroom house and 1.8 million cedis before his depression and public melt down.

But speaking to ZionFelix in an interview, Funny Face said the former Arsenal star decided to stop the donation because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, as he was always reacting to issues on social media. He said Adebayor sent him several messages advising him to keep quiet yet he disobeyed him and that angered the Togolese international.

According to Funny Face, Adebayor unfollowed him on Instagram and totally distanced himself from him because he didn’t listen to his advice.

He added that he does not harbour any bitterness or anger against Adebayor because he understands why he took those actions against him — blaming himself for the end of his friendship with the footballer.

The “Cow and Chicken” actor also revealed that he has begged Adebayor several times to forgive him, saying he is going through both and spiritual battles, and this is the time his friend has to be there for him.

“So he sent me a message ‘you don’t listen. One stubborn guy, you don’t talk. The next thing I saw was that Adebayor has unfollowed me. So I sent him a message to beg him because this fight we are fighting is a spiritual and physical war. You can’t leave me in the middle of the desert like this. They will laugh at me,” he said.

“But I think he’s also had enough. He wanted to get some time because the controversies surrounding me is too many. Like he wanted to surprise me after the birth of my twins Ella and Bella. Adebayor was giving me 11 bedroom in East Legon,” he added.

Watch the interview below…

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