Shatta Wale Marks Birthday With Track Release Of New Album GoG

Today is celebration upon celebration for Shatta Wale as today marks his birthday with a track release of his new and much anticipated album, GoG

The new album boast of four singles and promises to be one of Shatta Wale’s best work till date

Here is the list of tracks on the album;

COOL DOWN: Produced by Beatz Vampire and mixed and mastered in Damaker studios

I PRAY: Produced by Beatz Vampire, mixed and mastered in Damaker studios

LOVE IS A MEDICINE: Produced by Beatz Vampire and mastered in Damaker studios

MAYA: Produced by Gigz Beatz and mixed and mastered in Damaker studios

We are sure this is just the beginning of a day full of celebrations for Shatta Wale and his crew as he would surely be celebrating his new age in big fashion

Trust us to keep you up to date on everything surrounding the favourite artiste

In other related news, Shatta Wale has been reported to have endorsed the LGBTQ+ community, entreating them to chop their ‘trumu trumu’ as he believes the Government of the day has disappointed the youth and now trying to take the little happiness they enjoy from their lives

It is always difficult to know when Shatta Wale is serious of joking but the LGBTQ+ debate is a serious National matter that is even before Parliament as a section of Parliament is pushing for it’s criminalization while others in the house are also fighting for the course

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