Video: John Mahama Reduced To Tears As He Recounts How NPP Used Propaganda Machinery To Tarnish Reputation

Former President has been left crying after recounting how the incumbent NPP used propaganda to tarnish his reputation and image during his time as president and in so doing wrestled power from him

In a video sighted by, the emotional ex-president recounted the corruption allegations stacked against him during his time as president

John Dramani talked about the lies told about him owning a hotel in Dubai and how he has asked the incumbent NPP to follow him to Dubai so they show him which hotel is his so he sells it and gives the money back to the state

He also alluded to the lies told about him having multiple foreign accounts and denied it emphatically, stating that he has only 3 local accounts and no foreign account

He then went on the attack, accusing Akuffo Addo and his Government of doing what he was accused which he was innocent of, which is employing family members into high positions of state owned institutions

The former president would not leave the media out of it as he accused them of not treating him fairly during his time as president, noting that during his time as president, he was continuously criticized and badmouthed but for one reason or the other same cannot be said about Akuffo Addo and his government as they have been ominously quiet.

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