Shatta Wale Sends Message To IGP While On The Run From Police

Shatta Wale is a man on the run from the law following a joke he made about being shot in a bid to ride on a media frenzy after a prophesy was made about him getting shot

What he did not however foresee is his expensive joke getting to the point where it attracts the attention of the Ghana Police

And now unfortunately, Shatta Wale is a wanted man and on the run as the police are combing the streets of Accra in search of the dance hall king after he left the public in a state of panic with his shenanigans

But the defiant Shatta Wale has a message for the IGP while on he run, he used his facebook handle to send his message across

He wrote, “IGP Am not hiding but the information I have is what I am acting on. I HAVE REPORTED THIS BEFORE AND YOU GUYS ARE TELLING ME TO COME AND REPORT AGAIN? wow..Ghana Ampa”

“You are waiting for it to happen before you will say the police no try..Nonsense..Am fighting my own fight fuck who thinks is not right..pussy!!!”, the musician added

“Am getting mad, I swear am getting mad, Aaaaaaaaaahh”

“If they will lock me and later pass a law so that these stupid pastor prophecies will stop in this country…I am in for it. Pastor my foot, mcheeewww”, he concluded

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