Video: Nikki Samonas Takes Self Defense Lessons In The UK

Beautiful, intelligent Ghanaian actress and freelance model, Nikki Samonas is currently in the United Kingdom going through her paces in a self defense regime

With the rising state of insecurity in the country, one can not begrudge Nikki for preparing herself in case she finds herself in a compromising situation where should would have to fight her way out of trouble though we hope she never finds herself in such a situation

In the video sighted by, the slender and delicate looking Nikki Samonas is taken through her paces in the art of self defense by her instructor who we can only described as man beast.

The power of Nikki’s punches belied her slender frame as she blitzed her instructor with a barrage of upper and lower cut punches before capping her pro-boxing move with a sweet kick out using her leg which any martial artists worth his salt would be extremely proud of


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