Arrest Nam 1 Too – Bridget Otoo Tells IGP

With Metro Tv’s presenter, Bridget Otoo’s undying interest in Nam 1 and his continuous enjoying of his freedom one would be forgiven to suspect her of having been one of the many who must have lost their monies with the aforementioned man in the Menzgold debacle

The Ghanaian media personality has tried weighing too sins together in her submission and has concluded that if Shatta Wale should lose his freedom over a prank he decided to play then she sees no justification in Nam 1 still walking around a free man as he is the reason many lost their lives and livelihood in the Menzgold saga

In a Twitter rant, Bridget Otoo said NAM1’s actions and inactions have caused the lives and livelihood of many Ghanaians thus if there were anyone to be imprisoned, it should definitely be him and not Shatta Wale.

“Shatta Wale is in Ankaful prison for his stunt. NAM1 is chilling in his east legon mansion for scamming people. NAM1’s scheme has killed people, rendered others jobless and others still have their funds locked up!. #freeshattawale”

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