A Nowhere Journey

Take me back to the days without any worries

A time when the atmosphere was filled with purity, abundance and contentment

Days of absolute sanity where nothing was vanity

Days of peace,

Then I had to crawl at my own pace and be excited with that space

Days without any sound or threat of war

So I wouldn’t hear myself shout from afar

Where safety wasn’t reliant on a gun

Days of love,

Then affection was felt from within and beyond

Where I could roam so free like a dove

Please take me back still young

I hate today’s feeling; it’s just a pong

Everything is right but wrong

Still making mistakes

Yet lessons from everyone’s stake still growing

Whilst time steals from me while I am glowing

Still learning

From there is always a turning,

Wisdom is all I am yearning

I guess I have to pack

It is all getting dark

Just take me back

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