Done With School. What Next As Government Payroll Is Full?

Back when I was in secondary school I always had teachers throwing the phrase “life after school” at me and my colleagues but what is life after school?

Life after school is the reality of the world you have to face after school as an individual who has all financial support taken from him or her though you might not have attained financial independence. At that moment you are left to learn how to walk, run and feed yourself

But after SHS I realised my parents still put food on my table, they still paid for my medical bills and they sponsored my education all through tertiary and now I am done and now I face the real meaning of life after school

I am now expected to contribute financially in the managing of the household though I am unemployed, which I do not because I am simply incapable. They understand but what they have made me also to understand is that as I am not able to lessen their burdens by supporting financially I should not add to their burden by adding my problems to their problems

Done with school. What next as Government payroll is full?

This article is not meant to scare you as a graduate, on the contrary it is meant to give hope and to let you know there is light at the end of the tunnel but it depends largely on you the individual

Before even leaving school you have to start thinking of your next move like where you are going to do your service

Most of us are guilty of wanting to do our service in the capital with huge corporations but what we forget is the high cost of living in the capital and how it prevents us from saving from our already meager allowance

Funny thing is chances they will retain you is next zero

There is no shame in doing your service in that basic school next to your house, you get to save since you eat at home before going to work and there is food in the evening for you, you don’t pay for rent or utilities and you have time for your own personal development as you get to close early

So yes where you decide to do your service is very important and could make, break or even delay your breakthrough

Learn a skill and monetize it.

I have been known to be a good writer as far back as my SHS days and when I was in tertiary I did not hide my skill though I did not charge for it’s use. I wrote manifestos for political aspirants and numerous articles and though for free I later reaped the reward for my free service as it was through a friend who is aware of my writing skills, I was contracted to work as a writer for

So yes get a marketable skill that would help you survive as you look for that dream job

Start something. I bet by now you must be tired of hearing that, but I will say it for the umpteenth time, start something no matter how small. There is a saying that you cannot be sick and lock yourself in your room, how then would you meet your helper who would suggest the healing remedy to your ailment

Your sickness is unemployment, how do you get someone to help you if you lock yourself indoors. It does not mean walk around aimlessly it means put yourself out there, do something meaningful

I cannot begin to tell you the number of people who found their helpers while doing something small to keep body and soul together

Do no be shy of your hustle because no one will feed you when you go hungry, forget that you have a degree at home and dirty yourself if it would mean you get to eat for today

And remember no condition is permanent and where you find yourself today will not be the end of you

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