Vice President Bawumia Meets Shatta Bundle As The Young Rich Millionaire Attended His Mother’s Funeral

It is said that your network is your net worth, it is therefore no surprise to see rich and influential people getting to know each other at events and occasions as they are constantly looking for ways and means to expand their net worth

It is no surprise to see or hear that youngest and richest billionaire in Africa Shatta Bundle personally took it upon himself to grace the funeral ceremony of Vice president Bawumia’s mother with his presence despite his busy schedule

The funeral ceremony which took place yesterday was attended by many dignitaries and top of the pile was Shatta Bundle and the Vice President could not hide his happiness and appreciation of the big man’s presence at his mother’s funeral that he took him into his arms as the two shared a warm embrace

We at are however sure an embrace was not the only thing the two men shared as it is paramount they discussed ways to solve Ghana’s increasing unemployment rate and continuous borrowing to fund projects and offset matured loans

If we are lucky, the young rich billionaire may just find it within his huge heart to payoff the country’s loans so we start from zero, it would surely not be beyond a man who claims to be richer than Dangote, a man who is known to be the richest man in Africa and amongst the richest man in the world

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